RC Scale International (May/Jun 2021) - Issue 3

RC Scale International (May/Jun 2021) - Issue 3

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In this issue of RC Scale International, we have a selection of articles detailing the best scale models from around the world.

  • A BRILLIANT IDEA - One fuselage...seven WW1 fighters!

  • FOKKER D.VII (Part 3) - Customizing the Hangar 9 ARF

  • PRECIOUS METAL (Part 2) - A true aeromodelling adventure

  • Mr Russell - Amazing animatronic and talking pilot figure

  • A big project! - Colin Straus reports on his 1/10 scale Convair B-36

  • P-47 Razorback - When it goes...SNAFU!

  • A unique subject - Savoia Marchetti S-65 Schneider Cup racer

  • Decathlon 1.20 - High wing semi-scale acro fun!

  • Golden era elegance - Culver Dart Model G

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